‘Setronik 1 Restyling’ lift control panels


  • modernization of electric and hydraulic lifts;
  • systems with / without machine room (Machine room less) in accordance with EN81.20 and EN81.50;
  • systems with reduced pit and / or headroom in accordance with EN81.21;
  • facilities for people with disabilities in accordance with EN81.70;
  • systems with firefighters and fire-fighting maneuvers in accordance with EN81.72 and EN81.73;
  • lifting platforms in accordance with EN81.41


  • Management of 1/2 speed electric drive, with 3VF inverter in open/closed loop
  • Management of universal calls, collective selective descent, collective selective ascent / descent Multiplex management (Dulex, Triplex, etc.)
  • Management of manual, semi-automatic, automatic doors up to 3 operators with various drives
  • Management of various firefighting and firefighting maneuvers (EN81.72, EN81.73)
  • Position and speed control via:
    – Magnetic sensors on the car roof;
    – Toothed belt encoder system on the cabin roof (supplied by Sea Systems);
    – Motor encoder
  • Data transmission management between the panel and other system devices in:
    – parallel of cabin and floors;
    – CAN serial of cabin and parallel to the floors;
    – CAN serial of cabin and floors;
  • Diagnostics through:
    – STK1R switchboard LED
    – STK2-PM terminal already used on previous Setronik1 and Setronik2 series switchboards.
  • Software updates downloadable from USB stick
  • Control of safety devices from 24Vdc to 230Vac
  • Control of signals at 24Vdc 2W